How To Become a Pinup Model For Banafrit

Banafrit Photography is always looking for models with a unique quality and personal style. If you would like to submit your photos to possibly model for Banafrit, please see below:

  • All models must be 21 years of age and have valid identification (no exceptions).

  • Model should live in the Los Angeles area or be in the Los Angeles for a meeting prior to the day of the shoot and also for the day of the shoot.

  • We do not allow any family, friends or pets to be present at the shoot.

  • Our shoots are sensual, marijuana themed photography, so there are topless and/or partial or implied nudity at times. Please be comfortable with this prior to applying.

  • Models should be capable of smoking a good amount of marijuana while remaining professional and alert. It is a very fun and relaxed atmosphere, but at the end of the day it is a photoshoot and we're all trying to get the best possible shot without wasting a ton of time and money.

If this sounds like fun (and it is), I encourage anyone to apply. There is no set standard and I am looking to include a wide-range of body types, hairstyles and a range of other things that make us all so unique. Please use the form below and email in your photos, links and contact information.

* Note: Banafrit Photography retains all rights to all photos produced and created during the photoshoot. Any redistribution or use of the photos are at the sole descretion of Banafrit Photography.

Thank you for your interest.

Model Submission Form

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Please tell us your phone number
Please tell us the city to live in
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Please tell us your zip code
Please read *terms and check to acknowledge
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